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Le Tourisme Religieux et Spirituel Le Tourisme Religieux et Spirituel Le Tourisme Religieux et Spirituel

Spiritual and Religious Tourism

High spiritual and religious spot, Morocco has always welcomed the three monotheistic religions which are;Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Through an unfailing tolerance and understanding of the world, Morocco has always been a land of peace and cohabitation. For illustration, the Jewish Museum in Casablanca contains a reading platform of the Torah from the 18th century and many churches meet on the ground of the Kingdom,scattered in the biggest cities. Many people of Moroccan origin are back to the places where they were born orwhich represent their homeland.

Le tourisme Balnéaire Le tourisme Balnéaire Le tourisme Balnéaire

The Seaside Tourism

With a climate that follows the different seasons, beach tourism is constantly developing in Morocco with the development of the Atlantic coast, Mediterranean and Sahara have allowed the establishment of varied hotel infrastructure to host national and foreigners; those coming from elsewhere. The development of this activity is also due to the attraction on people and the playful recreations of opportunities coupled with foreign adventure sports that are now discovering a young bangs thrill seekers in an enviable space.

Le tourisme culturel Le tourisme culturel Le tourisme culturel

Cultural tourism

With a rich history witnessed by several periods and relics, cultural tourism in Morocco concerns as much about visiting historical and ancient sites such as those of Almoravid Berbers (Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech), or Volubilis ancient city that already dates back to Neolithic, as well as the varied heritage features such as folklore, handicrafts, gastronomy, local festivals (Fantasia) ......

Le Tourisme saharien Le Tourisme saharien Le Tourisme saharien

The Saharien Tourism

Southern Morocco knows an exceptional boom in urbanization, demographic and infrastructural achievements that can accommodate the tourist in search of thrills related to the myth of the Sahara desert. The discovery of this particular special world full of dreams, of desired loneliness depending on the choice expressed or on disorientation, will remain an unforgettable moment for those who want more to merge in nature and contemplate a starry sky that tells the campers, travel or simply adventure.

L’Ecotourisme L’Ecotourisme L’Ecotourisme


Moroccan biodiversity, inscribed in the context of sustainable development by the highest authorities of the country is also a challenge for conservation. Climate change affecting the nature will find here a response that calls the support of all the people in terms of responsibility to preserve a heritage that is of future generations.Grandiose and spectacular majectic alternate alternate with rugged terrain, plains, gorges, lakes, sand dunes and caves linked to ancient myths.

Le Tourisme d’Affaires Le Tourisme d’Affaires

Business Tourism

The business world has always needed a secure environment and infrastructure dedicated to its activities. Morocco destination offers this space and is well served by an efficient and adapted touristic industry. Infrastructure development in different cities provides professionals in this business tourism, a real environment dedicated to activities that permit to carry out their projects, within a framework of friendliness and appropriate animation.